‘Hooliganism’: Detained journo Artsyom Mayorau sentenced to 15 days of arrest

Journalist Artsyom Mayorau.
Photo: euroradio.fm

On May 21, Artsyom Mayorau, an author at the Belarusians and Market media outlet, was tried in Maskouski district court of Minsk.

He was detained on May 18 in the building where the editorial office of the popular Belarusian portal TUT.BY is located. On that day, the officers of the Department of Financial Investigations were raiding the company’s offices throughout the country as a criminal case was initiated against TUTBY Media over allegedly tax evasion. Artsyom Mayorau was grabbed by the police after he arrived at the scene and started covering the development of the situation.

According to the protocol drawn upon the detainee, the policeman noticed Mayorau and was about to have a ‘preventive conversation’ with him, but the reporter ‘was waving his arms and using foul language’.

Judge Tatsyana Motyl found the journalist guilty of petty hooliganism and sentenced him to 15 days of administrative arrest. Several policemen were the only witnesses who were called in to testify during the hearing.

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2021.05.20 12:35