Belarus PM: If West doesn't lend, we'll borrow from Russia and China

Belarus needs about 200 billion BYN to reach the parameters of growth in the next five years, Belarusian Prime Minister Raman Halouchanka recently said in an interview with TV channel “Belarus 1”.

According to Mr Halouchanka, the sources of funds have already been partially formed. At least some of them will be made up by the Belarusian money from revenues in various fields. However, one can’t do without loans. Belarus does not mind asking the Western countries for support.

“Of course, people who advocate cutting off our sources of funding in the West are a disservice to the country. We are not borrowing this money for ourselves, not for building palaces or anything else. Here is the plan – come and see. These are roads, hospitals, sports complexes. If you don’t want to give money for these things, don’t do it. We will find where to get it from. There is Russia, China, other Asian states,” Halouchanka said.