Poland: Belarus security forces threw stones, bricks at Polish patrol

The migration crisis fostered by the Lukashenka regime still on the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, but currently, there are dozens (not hundreds) of attempts to illegally enter the territory of the European Union.

Polish border guards in search of irregular migrant. 5 January 2022. Photo: Straż Graniczna / Twitter

Over the past day, the Polish Border Guard Service thwarted 30 such attempts not far Dubicze Cerkiewne, Mielnik, Nowy Dwor. The 30-year-old irregular migrant from Egypt was searched for six hours. According to Polish border guards, an incident also took place – Belarusian security officers threw stones and bricks at the Polish patrol on the section of the border near Dubicze Cerkiewne.

Since the summer of 2021, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia have been confronting the issue of migration flows through the territory of Belarus. EU member states accuse the Lukashenka regime of facilitating irregular migration to Europe and deliberately smuggling migrants from the Middle East to the Belarus-EU borders. The West considers Minsk’s actions in this field as a hybrid war. In total, the Poles have counted 39.5 thousand violators of the Belarusian-Polish border in 2020.

According to previous reports, Belarusian military repeatedly tried to dazzle Polish border guards with laser beams and bright lights; the Polish side states the Belarusians destroy the border fence at night from time to time, trying to help irregular migrants enter the territory of Poland.

It should be recalled that OSAM, the special force of the Belarusian border troops, is included in the EU’s 5th sanctions package adopted on December 2 for their contribution to staging the migration crisis on the EU borders.

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