Poland: Belarus security forces threw stones, bricks at Polish patrol
The migration crisis fostered by the Lukashenka regime still on the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, but currently, there are dozens (not hundreds) of attempts to illegally enter the territory of the European Union.
No recorded attempts to illegally cross Polish border from Belarus since summer
Will it now be Latvia instead of Poland?
Another 118 migrants leave Belarus. Attacks on Polish border still go on
118 migrants left Belarus on November 22, Alyaksei Byahun, Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said on Tuesday.
Belarusian propaganda targets Poles on Youtube
Poles are told how bad they are
Belarus authorities open criminal case over Poland’s repelling migrant attack in border area
The Belarusian Investigative Committee classified actions of Polish law enforcement personnel against migrants who attempted to forcibly enter the territory of Poland as ‘a crime against safety of humanity’.
Poland’s MoD: Belarusian soldier attempted to shoot flare gun at Polish border guards
A controversial incident took place at the border due to the Belarusian side’s staging another provocation, Poland’s Defence Ministry reported on Friday morning.
Poland uses aircraft to patrol border with Belarus
Light planes of the Polish Border Guard Service appear near Brest and fly along the border
Irregular migrants’ flow from Belarus growing: Poland reports attempt to force way through border
On Monday, Lithuanian border guards barred 121 migrants from illegally crossing the Belarus-EU border. Over the past week, their Polish counterparts have been reporting over 500 prevented attempts to illegally cross the border per day.
Russia-Belarus military drill 'Zapad-2021' begins amid fears of non-transparency
At the time of publication, the Belarusian side had not announced the start of the exercises
Group of 85 migrants tries to cross border from Belarus to Poland (VIDEO)
This is a record group of migrants for the current year.
NATO and European ministers accuse Belarusian authorities of using migrants as weapons
“The Lukashenka’s regime cynically used migrants and refugees this summer to artificially pressure our eastern borders.”
Three women involved in Poles’ Union case forcibly removed from Belarus
Three of the five Belarusian Poles arrested in the so called Polish case have been ‘deported’ to Poland, Belsat TV Director Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy said on Twitter on Wednesday, referring to ‘unconfirmed but reliable information’.