Irregular migrants’ flow from Belarus growing: Poland reports attempt to force way through border

On Monday, Lithuanian border guards barred 121 migrants from illegally crossing the Belarus-EU border. Over the past week, their Polish counterparts have been reporting over 500 prevented attempts to illegally cross the border per day.

According to, 121 ‘diverted’ migrants is a kind of record after August 25, when 151 people were not allowed to enter the territory of the country. Lately, Lithuanians have had a maximum of 61 migrant person a day.

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2021.10.11 14:41

On October 11, Lithuanian border guards saw three flares fired on the Belarusian side, five shots made by the neighbour were heard in Lithuania’s Lazdia district. On the same day, Polish border guards informed of their preventing 605 attempts to illegally cross the Belarusian-Polish border and detaining 13 migrants from Iraq. What is more, even such a big figure is not record – on October 9, there were 739 failed attempts. Notably, a month ago, Poland reported 200-300 cases a day, during the last week 600-700 attempts have been mentioned daily.

According to the Polish Border Guard, a group of migrants who gathered on the Belarusian side tried to forcibly break through the border on October 8:

A sad record was also set at the German-Polish border: on October 8-10, German services detained 392 migrants who got to the EU, using Belarus as a transit country. Most of the detainees are from Syria, Iran, Yemen.

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2021.10.12 13:45