migration crisis

Over 270 migrants agree to leave Lithuania for 1K euros
The majority of returnees are Iraqi citizens
About 4K Iraqi citizens return home from Lithuania-Belarus border
Some Iraqi citizens are still in Lithuania
Lithuania lifts border emergency state as migrant flow stops
The state of emergency ended at midnight on January 15
Kuznica border crossing point to stay closed over increased migrant flow risk
Polish border guards fear that Kuznica may become a traditional route for illegal migration
Polish border guard officer sustains head injury after migrants attempt to storm border
He was hospitalized
Former Interior Minister Karayeu says migrants plan to cross border again
People who tried to cross the border threw stones and branches in the direction of the Polish patrol.
Poland: Belarus security forces threw stones, bricks at Polish patrol
The migration crisis fostered by the Lukashenka regime still on the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, but currently, there are dozens (not hundreds) of attempts to illegally enter the territory of the European Union.
No recorded attempts to illegally cross Polish border from Belarus since summer
Will it now be Latvia instead of Poland?
Polish prosecutors launch criminal case against soldier who defected to Belarus
Soldier who flees abroad while serving in the military can be punished with 10 years in prison.
Poland ready to pay for migrants to go home
“It has to be a common effort.”