Man sentenced to 5 years in prison for breaking policeman’s leg

A Minsk court has heard a case of a 32-year-old businessman Viktar Barushka.

The man claims he was severely beaten and actually raped at a Minsk police station. He then had to spend 12 days in intensive care.

In his last statement Viktar Barushka said that he did not want to and could not harm the policeman on purpose. If so, it was an accident.

Viktar Barushka. Belsat photo

“I have never for a second thought or desire to deliberately hit a law enforcement officer and cause any harm or maim. My upbringing, principles, views and values do not allow me to hurt a person, regardless of his profession, religion, regardless of whether he is a member of the security forces.

I would like to draw attention to the circumstances of what happened and to the arguments in the case file. In my opinion, there is not enough evidence in the case to support the version of the victim. I insist once again that I didn’t strike any blows and had no motives whatsoever.

Viktar Barushka. Belsat photo

I really was running away, but after the undercut I began to fall down. Then I was taken to the police car. The video confirms that everything happened very fast, in just a split second. I could not commit any conscious action in the form of accentuated blow, but I admit, as I said earlier, that it could have happened by accident, by circumstances beyond my control,” he said.

Viktar Barushka apologized to the family for the disturbance he had caused them, saying that he had not violated the principles by which his parents had brought him up – they had nothing to be ashamed of. As he spoke, the correspondent of “Belsat” reports, Viktar was crying and the whole hall was crying with him.

Barushka was sentenced to five years in prison. He thanked his relatives, his future wife and their little son, the doctors who had put him on his feet, including the doctors of Zhodzina detention center, all those who supported him. Viktar also asked the court for a fair verdict.