Journalist Hruzdzilovich sentenced to 18 months in jail
He is on trial for working at protests
Nasha Niva media staff face five years in jail over utility payments
They paid for utilities not as legal entities, but as individuals
‘Picketing’: Young man gets 10 days in jail for having white-red-white strips on backpack
On January 17, Ilya Dabradzey, a student of Pinsk teacher training college, was detained in Savetski district court of Minsk, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
Political prisoner Volha Klaskouskaya on trial in Brest for insulting policeman
This was not the first time he got offended.
Minsk: Sports journo Alyaksandr Ivulin sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment
On January 19, Savetski district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of Alyaksandr Ivulin, a journalist at the sports media outlet Tribuna and a football player of Krumkachy team, Mediazona Belarus reports. The defendant has been behind bars for more than seven months.
Football fans’ case look-alike? Two youngsters get jail terms in Mazyr
On January 14, Mazyr district court completed hearing the case of 17-year-old Maksim Kuksachenka and 18-year-old Mikita Silivon.
Supreme Court of Belarus fines Google 1.5 mln BYN
The company lost in Belarusian courts
Minsker to be tried for publishing personal data of over 600 prosecutors, officials
A Minsk resident passed personal information of 660 employees of the prosecutor’s office and the State Control Committee to opposition Telegram channels, the press service of the prosecutor’s office reports. The case has already been sent to court.
Political convictions in Belarus in 2021
At least 1,285 people were convicted while 41.8% were imprisoned
ECHR forbids Russia to extradite protester to Belarus
Russian human rights activists have received the European Court of Human Rights’ decision barring the Russian Federation from extraditing prisoner Dzmitry Padlobnikau (Dmitry Podlobnikov) to Belarus, Roman Kiselyov, a representative of the Moscow Helsinki Group, said on Telegram.
Zlata Yanukovich sentenced to three years of freedom restriction
She has become one of the symbols of women’s protest
Minsk: Elderly engineer gets 15-day jail term for third time in row. He is behind viral memes about protest colours
Minsk-based engineer Anatol Shalkovich is likely to spend the total of 45 days behind bars.
Irdorath band musicians Nadzeya and Uladzimir Kalach get 2 years in jail over performing during protests
On December 14, Savetski district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of Nadzeya and Uladzimir Kalach, a married couple and leaders of the Irdorath folk band. The musicians found themselves in the authorities’ crosshairs after playing during the protest marches on August 16, September 6, and October 25, 2020.