criminal persecution

Criminal case brought against Pavel Latushka's daughter
Seven criminal cases were filed against the Latushka’s family
Nearly 1K political prisoners now in Belarus
On January 25, the Belarusian human rights community issued a joint statement on their recognising another seven persons as political prisoners, HRC Viasna reports.
Political prisoner gets 2.5 years in jail. Earlier he stood trial for picking up police radioset
On January 13, Maskouski district court completed hearing the case of political prisoner Dzmitry Shchurko.
General Prosecutor's Office launches sixth criminal case against Pavel Latushka
Pavel Latushka’s “collection” contains six criminal articles
Man gets one year in correctional facility for drawing white-red-white flags on abandoned building
Barysau district court found 21-year-old Mikalai Slyoz guilty under Art. 341 of the Criminal Code (‘desecration of buildings and doing damage to property’), the human rights centre Viasna reports.
Imprisoned activist Marfa Rabkova barred from getting medical care, her letters held back
Marfa Rabkova, a political prisoner and former volunteer of the human rights centre Viasna, is allegedly barred from getting medical assistance. In addition, her letters are not sent further from behind bars when she mentions the charges in them, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
08.12.2021 editor-in-chief Syarhei Satsuk arrested, placed in a pre-trial detention centre
Journalist Syarhei Satsuk, editor-in-chief of the online business daily Ezhednevnik (, was arrested on Wednesday. In the wake of that, the website has become unavailable.
Political prisoner Yegor Dudnikov faces new charges
Yegor faces up to 12 years in prison
Jailed activist Illya Mironau allegedly suspected of financing ‘extremist activities’
Illya Mironau’s mother Valyantsina has published a reply that Savetski district police department of Homel gave to Illya’s request for information about the reasons for the search of his place.
Minsk wedding photographer sentenced to three years in jail for ‘insulting police’ on web
On October 12, Tsentralny district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of 46-year-old wedding photographer Dzmitry Sonchyk. The direct cause of initiating the case was the comments left by the defendant on Telegram.
3 and 2.5 years: Prosecution demands prison terms for Homiel human rights activists
Human rights defenders and HRC Viasna members Leanid Sudalenka, Tatsyana Lasitsa, Maryia Tarasenka continued to be tried in Homiel.
Astravets resident gets three years in jail for removing official flag
On October 13, local resident Artur Zhvirydouski was tried in the police department of Astravets (Hrodna region). The hearing was held behind closed doors.
Political prisoner Tsikhan Vosipau under pressure in prison
The political prisoner is deprived of family visitations and his letters are destroyed