Election-2020: ‘Protest candidates’ denied registration, some allegedly detained


A group of the so called protest candidates who were filing a complaint to the Supreme Court have been detained in Minsk, former political prisoner and 2010 presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich told Belsat.

As reported earlier, the Belarusian Central Election Commission (CEC) refused to register their initiative groups. If the politician’s words are anything to go by, the detention took place right in the Supreme Court building.

Statkevich claims that 8 or 10 persons were detained, and one of them said that they were being taken to Tsentralny district police department. According to preliminary information, Anzhalika Zhalyaznyakova, Artsyom Babok, Syarhei Sparysh, Uladzimir Nyaumyarzhytski, Tamara Patotskaya and others are among the detainees.

On May 19, the CEC denied registration to nearly 30 associates of Statkevich (‘protest candidates’). The reasons for rejection are the lack of passport data of the initiative groups’members; the fact that the interviewed members did not know their candidates; a person’s being a member of several initiative groups, etc.

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The CEC turned down Statkevich himself, referring to his criminal history on record. His wife Maryna Adamovich also faced non-registration.

Last week, a few dozen persons linked to Mikalai Statkevich filed the documents for registration. According to the opposition leader, they were ready to conduct the election campaign in dozens of Belarusian cities and towns. To provide Belarusians with the opportunity to legally protest against the incumbent leadership, the team is going to use the election campaign for holding street rallies, he said.

“We will put up information pickets in central city zones, and everyone interested will be able to join these pickets at 12.00 on Sundays in order to express everything they think about the situation in the country,” Statkevich stressed.

However, he voiced fears that most of them would be barred from taking part in the election on the basis of flimsy excuses and pretexts.

The 2020 presidential election is scheduled for August, 9. Over the last week, many people have profiled their presidential ambitions, including incumbent leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka, former MP Hanna Kanapatskaya, Belarusian hi-tech park founder Valery Tsapkala, banker Viktar Babaryka, and others.

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