Thirty presidential candidates and mass protests: Statkevich announced his plans for election campaign

Former presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich has told a blogger, Syarhei Tsikhanouski, how to change the situation in Belarus. The politician is convinced that there are no elections, but said he would register his initiative group to nominate a candidate for president.

According to Statkevich, it’s possible to change the current situation in our country only through peaceful protest.

“Lukashenka is simply conducting an operation to re-elect himself again to the post of illegal acting president. He has commissions on election fraud for this purpose. They are given a task on the indicators, and they follow the order,” said Statkevich.

The politician criticized part of the opposition, which is now nominating its candidates through the primaries.

“This is a distraction of the public attention to the illusion that we’ll give our vote in the election and the case will be solved. But it won’t be good, because the commissions will put 80% in favor of Lukashenka”.

Statkevich said he was ready to cooperate only with Pavel Seviarynets.

At the same time, the former political prisoner says he intends to run for president. Statkevich recalled that under the Constitution, criminal record is not an obstacle to registration as a candidate. But restrictions are imposed by the electoral legislation. Nevertheless, the politician intends to submit documents to the CEC and told about the strategy developed by the Belarusian National Congress.

“We will register at least 30 initiative groups of presidential candidates. We wish every major city to have at least one person nominated for a candidate, so that this person would be known. And these people will start protests. We demand fair elections without Lukashenka, with Statkevich and other politicians,” said Statkevich.