Kurdistan Parliament to send delegation to Poland and Belarus over migrants

Kurdistan is the territory that historically includes part of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria and has a majority Kurdish population. Its parliament has decided to send a delegation to investigate the problem of thousands of Kurdish migrants stuck on the border between Belarus and Poland, reports Basnews.

Chairman of the Kurdistan Parliament Rewaz Faiq. Photo: parliament. krd.

On November 9, the Parliamentary Representative Rewaz Faiq instructed the Committee on Foreign Relations to form a delegation and visit both countries shortly.

The delegation will have to prepare a detailed report on the current situation of migrants and the causes of mass migration. It is noted that the Kurdistan Parliament and the government will meet later to discuss the results of the investigations and develop a plan to solve the problem.

Currently, thousands of migrants from Kurdistan are at the border of Belarus and Poland, hoping that they will be allowed to enter the EU. Poland, for its part, has sent additional forces to strengthen security measures on its eastern border and prevent migrants from entering its territory.