Belarusian-Polish border

Polish border guard officer sustains head injury after migrants attempt to storm border
He was hospitalized
Former Interior Minister Karayeu says migrants plan to cross border again
People who tried to cross the border threw stones and branches in the direction of the Polish patrol.
Another death on border with Lithuania and illegal border crossing attempts
Belarusian border guards found the body of a man in his 30s
Polish PM Morawiecki says Poland is ready to close border with Belarus
Earlier, Poland gave Belarus an ultimatum
Over 1,850 people in Polish refugee camps, Polish Border Guard Captain says
Polish Border Guard cannot establish contact with the Belarusian side
Polish border guards prepare for provocation by migrants
There are representatives of the Belarusian state media
Polish border guards record two attempts of illegal mass border crossing by migrants
Polish security forces detained 22 people
Kurdistan Parliament to send delegation to Poland and Belarus over migrants
They want to develop a plan to solve the problem
Polish border guards record over 17K attempts to cross border illegally last month
In September, there were about 7.5 thousand such attempts.
Man's body found near border with Belarus
No ID was found on the body
Angela Merkel calls on Belarus to help with refugees on EU border
Also the German chancellor stressed the unacceptability of hybrid attacks using people
Polish border guards detain two groups of illegal migrants from Afghanistan
A total of 22 people were detained, including minors