Belarus teenager to spend 2 years in closed ‘educational facility’ over publishing policemen’s data

A Homiel court sentenced a 15-year-old teenager to two years in a special closed educational facility, the state-run TV and radio company Homiel reports.

The resident of the Belarusian town of Dobrush was an administrator of the Telegram channel Data of Punishers of Belarus, where the personal data of officers who reportedly used violence against peaceful protesters were published.

He was arrested in October, 2020. The young man received donations from his subscribers, the investigators stated. Then the police announced checking into his allegedly implication in libel, fraud, public insulting officials, illegal collection or dissemination of information about private life, etc. Notably, in accordance with the Belarusian law, the age of criminal liability under all the articles above is 16 years, and the arrestee could not face any of the above-mentioned accusations.

The minor might become the youngest political prisoner in Belarus.

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