Minsker to be tried for publishing personal data of over 600 prosecutors, officials
A Minsk resident passed personal information of 660 employees of the prosecutor’s office and the State Control Committee to opposition Telegram channels, the press service of the prosecutor’s office reports. The case has already been sent to court.
Pro-Lukashenka police accuse political prisoner Marfa Rabkova of running criminal anarchist organisation
The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case under Parts 1 and 2 of Article 285 of the Criminal Code over ‘establishiing an international criminal anarchist organisation which consists of a number of extremist groups banned in Belarus’, the notorious GUBAZiK/GUBOPiK (Main Department for Combatting Organised Crime and Corruption) reports on its official Telegram channel.
Information Ministry updates list of extremist channels
It now includes the Novaya Baravaya and “Country for Life” chats, Andrei Pavuk’s channel, and others, the ministry said.
Teacher sentenced to restriction of liberty, heavily fined over sharing post about police officers
On April 14, a guilty verdict was announced in the case of Alena Putsykovich, human rights centre Viasna reports. The teacher was tried in Ivanava district court (Brest region).
Belarusian authorities seeking extradition of NEXTA founders
The head of the international legal department of the Investigative Committee, Mikhail Vavula, recently told the SB that the Investigative Committee had sent documents for the extradition of Stsyapan Putsila and Raman Pratasevich to Poland through the Prosecutor General.
Belarus teenager to spend 2 years in closed ‘educational facility’ over publishing policemen’s data
A Homiel court sentenced a 15-year-old teenager to two years in a special closed educational facility, the state-run TV and radio company Homiel reports.
15-year-old creator of 'Punishers of Belarus' leaves country
Apple seeks closure of three Belarusian Telegram channels
It was reported by Pavel Durov.