Putin inspecting Vostok-2018 military drills


Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Tsugol training ground in the Trans-Baikal Territory, where the main stage of Vostok-2018, the biggest military exercises since 1981, is in progress.

The drills started in the Russian Far East on September, 11.

It involves about 300,000 Russian servicemen, more than 1,000 aircraft, helicopters and drones, up to 36,000 tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, up to 80 ships and support vessels, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry notes that the scale of the exercise is comparable to that of the exercise Zapad-81 (held in the territory of the USSR and the Warsaw Treaty countries).

Chinese and Mongolian soldiers are participating in the war game.

ЮВ, belsat.eu

Photo: kremlin.ru

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