As Lukashenka asks China for help, U.S. issues warning to Beijing
There will be a meeting in Rome about it
No major achievements for Belarusian athletes at Beijing Olympics
Belarus is back to the Lillehammer 1994 figures
China launches freight train to Germany bypassing Belarus
This may be a serious blow to the Belarusian Railway
China freezes $580 mln for Nezhin plant construction
All due to sanctions
Belarus looking for funds to repair roads
But who can provide it?
UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on collecting evidence of post-election crimes in Belarus
On March 24, United Nations Human Rights Council passed Resolution A/HRC/46/L.19 regarding the situation in Belarus.
Who gets rich on the arms market? (ENG explainer)
Who makes money on the arms market, and what are the rules of the game?
Why Russia is losing out in space / ENG explainer
On July 29, NASA celebrated its 62nd birthday. The US space administration also has another cause for celebration: America is no longer dependent on Russia to deliver astronauts into orbit. That was the only field of space exploration in which Moscow was able to compete with Washington. The head of Roscosmos earns twice as much as the head of NASA, but Russia is still losing ground.
Is Europe at risk from nuclear arms race? (ENG video)
100 seconds to midnight, i.e., until a nuclear catastrophe. That’s what the Doomsday Clock is currently showing. At the dawn of the Cold War, this symbolic gauge of world security was set by the fathers of the American atom bomb.
First Belarusian-Chinese unmanned bus presented at Great Stone park
The bus is designed based on the technology of scientists from Singapore.
Who makes fake coronavirus news and why / ENG video
The EU diplomatic service and US authorities have stated that the Kremlin is spreading false rumours about the epidemic around the world. Who invents fake coronavirus news, and why?
Humanitarian aid from China arrives in Minsk
China has sent to Belarus express tests, medicines and personal protective gear.
What future may hold for post-coronavirus world (ENG video)