Poultry, beer, tourism: Russia’s clumsy bid to retaliate for Turkey’s downing Su-24


Russia is in search of a tit-for-tat response for Turkey’s shooting down the Su-24 warplane.

Calculation of losses

“Russia is against Turkey: exports, investment, energy and tourism are placed in jeopardy,” pro-Kremlin TV channel Lifenews warns of the consequences of yesterday’s incident. “Ankara is counting huge losses, and Moscow is looking for alternative markets.”

Russia might withdraw from all joint projects and give up military cooperation with Turkey, the influential Rusian newspaper Kommersant reports. Gazprom may review the feasibility of further implementation of the project ‘Turkish Stream’; Russia’s providing equipment for Turkish NPP Akkuyu is now up in the air, the newspaper states.

The Russian authorities have already resorted to a tried-and-true tool, i.e. the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor). In accordance with the regulations published today, from December 1 on, the import of chickens from the Turkish poultry farm ‘Gida Sanayi Ticaret Anonim’ve Sirkorti’ will be prohibited – suddenly it turns out that the farm’s production contains harmful substances which may endanger the health of Russian consumers…

Consumers and tourists will lose on the situation

There is every likelihood that soon Rosselkhoznadzor will detect something dangerous in new batches of Turkish food products. Since they have partially replaced sanctioned Western goods, this is really bad news for Russians.

However, it was the Russian tourists who have experienced the first consequences of the Russian-Turkish row. After the Russian Airbus A321 crash and the Kremlin’s ban on flights from Russia to Egypt, Turkey became a ‘reserve airfield’ for travel agencies and holidayers. But now the door is closed: the state agency Rosturizm has imposed a ban on organizing trips to Turkey, referring to ‘the extremely high level’ of a terrorist threat. Yesterday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the correspomding address to the compatriots.

The goal is beer!

Meanwhile, there has been the first sign of the people’s anger against Ankara’s actions: on Tuesday evening about 70 persons attempted to enter the office of he Turkish company Efes which owns a brewery in the Russian town of Ulyanovsk, owned by Turkish concern. Security guards prevented the people from storming the office, but the Russian ‘patriots’ made the company’s representatives remove Turkish flags. They were replaced by Russian tricolors and even airborne troops flags:

Cez, belsat.eu

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