Health Ministry removes 12 more countries from quarantine list
Health Ministry removes 12 more countries from quarantine list.
Five Belarusian places to visit online (+video)
Until the borders open, foreigners cannot immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Soviet blocks and avenues combined with hipsters’ nightlife on the backstreets of Old Town. However, now this is the time to discover Belarusian historical pearls that usually become unnoticed. Here are the top five Belarusian sightseeing attractions that you can attend virtually.
350K foreigners have used Belarusian visa-free regime
Since January 2017, when a visa-free regime was introduced, over 350 thousand people from 70 countries.
An American runs 300 kilometers to his ancestral homeland
The ancestors of the American Jared Goldman emigrated from the Belarusian Palesse to the USA in 1910. The guy decided to visit the place where his ancestors came from. To do this, he flew to Minsk, from where he ran to his grandfathers’ homeland.
Nigerian model promotes Belarusian vyshyvanka
Nigerian Ifunanya Dimaku is a student of Hrodna Medical University. But she is eager to know more about the fashion industry of Belarus: the ambitious girl seeks to become a Belarusian model!
Australian bird lover almost gets eaten in Belarusian swamp
What can surprise and scare an Australian in Belarus? It would seem that a man from a country with kangaroos, crocodiles and koalas is prepared for everything. But in our region there are ruthless monsters more terrible than anywhere else.
Napoleon would never believe it: French girls bathe in Berazina River
C’est la Bérézina’ say the French when they talk about some kind of disaster or catastrophe. The expression took hold after the defeat of Napoleon’s army on the Berazina River in 1812. Ingrid Ponsy and Ophelie Guillouet-Lamy who came to Belarus from France, it is a must to go to Napoleon’s places and swim in Berazina. What else did the guests manage to do in Belarus?
Sparkly Georgian indulges in Belarusian folk dance
Givi Kbilashvili has been living in Minsk for nearly three years. He is a dancer and choreographer of the Georgian ballet Lelo. To expand his repertoire, Givi goes to the Pyatrovitsa Traditional Culture Festival in Luban district. Our Georgian guest is a real pro, but will he be able to take over the Belarusian style of dancing?
African polyglot blown away by Belarusian banya
Elie Mubenga, a citizen of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, came to Belarusian town of Navapolatsk to learn the Russian language. He is a true polyglot; he speaks seven languages and is passionate about Belarusian flowers.
Latvian girl learns to be Winged Hussar
“My childhood ended when I broke my spine. I fell from a horse onto a concrete floor,” says Julija Troksne from Riga. But despite her serious injury, she opened her own equestrian club. In order to master the new elements of horseback riding, Julija came to Belarus, not knowing what trials await her during the master class.
Italian visits Belarus to explore mountains and much more
Italian Paolo Maggiora has been enjoying climbing for many years. It is his third time in Belarus, but this time he set himself a clear goal.
US professor learning to play Belarusian bagpipe (ENG video)
It is not for nothing that American Bob Eckhart opens a new season of the Welcome To Belarus show. It is very nice to see the same US professor who starred in the first episode of the 2018 season again!
Spaniard, Cypriot and Frenchman look for beauties on Islach River
French writer, Cypriot security guard and a Spanish businessman have flown to Belarus and settled in one of the Minsk hostels .