Latvian girl learns to be Winged Hussar

“My childhood ended when I broke my spine. I fell from a horse onto a concrete floor,” says Julija Troksne from Riga. But despite her serious injury, she opened her own equestrian club. In order to master the new elements of horseback riding, Julija came to Belarus, not knowing what trials await her during the master class.

Pavel Kalinkou, the owner of the “Golden Spur” farmstead, agreed to train the guest from Riga.

Pavel and Julija

Like Julija, Pavel is fond of horses, he has his own stables. In addition, he is engaged in historical reconstructions, participates in knight tournaments and owns a large collection of costumes and replicas of weapons of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Pavel professionally organizes historical shows.

Pavel introduces Julija to the mare Zapekanka. She receives a guest from Riga not very politely.

“I said that I would never work with a mare in my life, because it is like working with women: today I want to do it, tomorrow I don’t want to, today I am in a bad mood, and I won’t do it at all. I worked only with castrates and gelted horses,” the Latvian shared her impressions.

Despite the mare’s distrust, Julija’s teacher offers her to ride Zapekanka first with spears, with a sword, and later — in heavy armor.

Pavel helps Julija to put on her heavy armor
Julija Troksne from Latvia wearing the Winged Hussar armor

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