Australian bird lover almost gets eaten in Belarusian swamp

What can surprise and scare an Australian in Belarus? It would seem that a man from a country with kangaroos, crocodiles and koalas is prepared for everything. But in our region there are ruthless monsters more terrible than anywhere else.

Andrew Judge

The guy works in the field of online clothes sales. He is well versed in trends and works with world-famous brands.

“Birds are often used in fashion on patterns and drawings. We humans use these symbols because birds interest and inspire us,” says Andrew.

Getting ready for the trip

It all started out nice enough. Andrew Judge flew to Belarus to see the birds.

In search of inspiration, Andrew went to the swamps.

“I heard there was a bird here called a bearded reedling. For bird watchers, it’s a great sight to come to Belarus for,” says the Australian.

Together with ornithologist Vitaly Kashcheyeu, Andrew went to Vitsebsk region. In addition to the reedling, there are herons, cormorants, belts and other birds.

Sitting down for a quick bite, the guy didn’t even think that he would also soon become one.

Very soon, a man who met both a crocodile and a shark in his life had to flee, because he was attacked and wanted to be eaten by terrible Belarusian mosquitoes.

But even that didn’t stop Andrew. He persistently searched for a bearded reedling with Vital’s help. And he found it. However, the birds they found were very young. Therefore, Andrew will have to wait for the birds to grow a and come back to Belarus.

Bearded reedling

What else surprised the Australian in Belarus? What does our country look like from a bird’s eye? Watch the new issue of “Welcome to Belarus” (video above).