Opening of a new TVP and Belsat office in Kyiv!
“I am convinced that the team working here will contribute to restoring justice, truth, and freedom of speech in Ukraine and the region”
When will arrest warrant for Lukashenka be issued?
The initiation of lawsuits against the Belarusian regime for its crimes is becoming more and more realistic.
A decade and a half on the air. 'Belsat seemed to be a difficult task to pursuit.'
15 years ago, Belsat seemed unrealistic project, today it’s a much-needed source of info
The Supreme Court leaves Belsat TV journalist in jail. And changes the charge
The sentence of eight years and three months in prison remained in force, but as Ihar Ilyas emphasizes, the court corrected the prosecution’s formula.
Belsat journalist Darya Chultsova released after two years in penal colony
She spent two years in a penal colony with an obligation to work.
Belsat journalist sentenced to 8 years for 'high treason'
The first hearing in the new case against our journalist was held on July 4.
Belsat TV journalist faces 15 years in prison. The political trial of Katsyaryna Andreyeva has begun
The trial of political prisoner Katsyaryna Andreyeva has begun behind closed doors at a regional court in Gomel, Belarus. What do we know about the new case against our colleague already convicted of covering the revolution in Belarus? What do Katsya’s relatives say, and what does she write in letters from behind the bars?
Journalist Iryna Slaunikava to face trial on June 23
The trial is to start at 10 am in the Homiel Regional Court.
Book about persecution of journalists in Belarus now available in English
The book about the persecution of journalists in Belarus was published in Polish in August last year.
Polish Foreign Ministry urges its citizens to leave Belarus
The security situation is worsening
Ukrainian authorities officially recognized Belarus as accomplice of aggressor and occupant, military expert says
Russian troops have an advantage in the sky
Only Putin needs referendum in Belarus, expert says
Anatol Lyabedzka shares his views with Belsat
Union Resolve drill starts in Belarus
The drill will continue until February 20