New minister of interior: Lukashenka reshuffles siloviki

On Thursday, Alyaksandr Lukashenka appointed Ivan Kubrakou Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus. Until recently, he was the head of Minsk city police department.

His predecessor, Yury Karayeu, became Lukashenka’s aide in Hrodna region. Deputy Interior Minister Alyaksandr Barsukou was appointed Lukashenka’s aide in the city of Minsk; former Security Council Secretary Valery Vakulchyk – in Brest region.

A day earlier, Yury Karayeu who had been at the helm of the Interior Minister since 2019 stated that a war was being waged in Belarus.

“Now the situation has changed – there is a war. Are we still swinging? I tell every district policeman: your life, the future of your children and the happiness of your wife depends on how quickly you drew your weapon and determined that you were already being killed but you were still trying to persuade them,” he said.

Karayeu was blacklisted by the European Union and the United States as a top official involved in the post-election police abuse and using violence against peaceful protesters. In mid August, he accused the protesters of being funded from abroad. According to the former minister, young men were allegedly paid 30 BYN for participating in a rally, and young women – 60 BYN.

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