‘Preserving sovereignty’. Foreign Ministry count on Belarusians living abroad

Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey has urged Belarusians living abroad to contribute to the preservation of the country’s sovereignty and independence when speaking at the opening of the second meeting of the Advisory Council for Belarusians on Monday.

“We live in a difficult time, and our common task is to do our best so that the country could preserve its independence, sovereignty and statehood. I believe this is our priority task,” the minister said.

The Foreign Ministry also expects Belarusians living abroad to promote the national culture and contribute to the strengthening of Belarus’ trade and economic ties with other countries.

The 7th Congress of the Belarusians of the World will be organized by the public association Batskaushchyna next year.

“Preparation of this event will be one of the main areas of interaction with our fellow countrymen. This Congress is expected to adopt really important decisions that will help revitalize the activity of the organizations of the Belarusians abroad,” Makey said.

Interestingly,  white-red-white flags and Pahonya emblems which are commonly believed to be the symbols of Belarusian opposition. are usually used at the congresses.

The ministry is in favor of the idea to set up the Belarusian House in Minsk. Uladzimir Makey believes that such building can house the Museum of the Belarusian Diaspora, organizations that are engaged in development of cooperation with the Belarusians living abroad, various societies of friendship organizations of foreign students who studied in Belarus.

belsat.eu, following belta.by

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