Uladzimir Makey

FM Makey: Belarus to cut down diplomatic presence in Europe
The Belarusian authorities intend to scale back its diplomatic presence in Western Europe and increase its presence in the CIS, China, other countries, Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey told journalists on the back of Monday’s meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka.
Warsaw files protest note over three armed men’s intrusion into Poland’s territory from Belarusian side
On the night of November 2, the Polish military noticed three unindentified persons carrying long guns and wearing uniforms on the Polish side of the EU-Belarus border, Stanisław Żaryn, spokesperson for the Polish special services, said on Twitter on Wednesday.
FM Makey accuses ‘UN representatives’ of financing Belarusian protesters
Uladzimir Makey meets with counterparts in UN
Makey met with the foreign ministers of Hungary, Finland, and Estonia
Belarus FM meets with nuncio after controversial caricature appears in state newspaper
Makei said that “incitement of religious intolerance is unacceptable”
Lukashenka invites UAE to mediate negotiations between Minsk and West
His subordinates also talk about dialogue
Lithuanian FM: ‘Using migration as weapon against EU is even more cynical than hijacking Ryanair plane’
Lithuania calls for new sanctions against Lukashenka regime over its contributing to irregular migration to the European Union.
Tsikhanouskaya to EU officials: Belarus authorities might start trading political prisoners
On June 21, Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya visited Luxembourg and Brussels and urged EU foreign affairs ministers to ‘keep their nerve and their wits’ when trying to help resolving the Belarusian issue, Politico reports.
Belarus not about to close its embassies in EU countries, Ukraine - FM
Belarus is reducing the number of its diplomatic missions, but this measure will not affect Ukraine and EU member countries, Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey told state-run TV station ONT.
Black day for Uladzimir Makey. What can reduction of embassies lead to?
The head of the domestic diplomacy Uladzimir Makey promised that Belarus would close its diplomatic missions in at least several countries of the world. Why is this probably the darkest news in Belarusian politics since last August?
FM Makey: Someday EU will stop listening to ‘fugitive govt opponents’ calling for sanctions
Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey does not think that Belarus has lost all the opportunities to further cooperate with Western partners. In a recent interview with Russian media outlet RBC, he shared his opinion about the future of relations with other countries.
Belarus FM accuses EU envoys of posting anti-govt info, participating in protests
A number of diplomats representing EU member states spread anti-government information in Belarus, Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey said during Thursday’s session of the CIS Council of Permanent Plenipotentiaries in statutory and other CIS bodies.