Lukashenka names five ‘aggressor’ states

At a recent meeting with representatives of the nomenklatura, Alyaksandr Lukashenka named the countries that allegedly tried to organize a “color revolution” in Belarus. According to Lukashenka, now his opponents are betting “on the scale and duration of the protests, exhausting forces and depleting resources,” BelTA writes.

Lukashenka said that a stage-by-stage analysis of events in the country reveals the real designs and tactics of external aggressors. According to him, over the past ten years they have been scrupulously preparing for the crucial moment.

“In order to remove all masks at once, let’s name these players. At the level of global centers, this is primarily the United States of America, more specifically, its network of funds to support the so-called democracy. American satellites actively operated on the European continent: Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and, unfortunately, our Ukraine,” he noted.

Each of these countries practiced its role, Lukashenka said. Allegedly, the Czech Republic is a “resource hub”, Poland is an “incubator of media channels” and “a platform for alternative bodies in exile”, Lithuania is a “ram of Belarusian-European relations”, and Ukraine is an “outpost of political provocations”.

Lukashenka said that the main idea of ​​the Coordination Council and the main task for the near future is an attempt to undermine the monolithic structure of the power vertical, the power bloc, and the system of state media.