Lida: Wheelchair user takes loan to pay for ramp to bank


For over a year, Alyaksandr Audzevich had been asking MTBank to set a ramp at the entrance to one of the bank offices in Lida. Facing no reaction, he had the ramp made at his own expense.

On August 28, the man posted the video above on Facebook.

What is more, it is the MTBank that Alyaksandr, a long time client, took out a loan from in order to paid for the installation.

However, a day later, MTBank has submitted their apology and offered to ‘do something together’, Audzevich says.

Alyaksandr Audzevich, 31, is a socially minded man who advocates for the rights of the disabled persons. From his youth he has been interested in extreme sports. In 2011, he experienced a motorcycle accident that resulted in his becoming a wheelchair user.


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