Kremlin mouthpiece calling for Belsat TV closure, a Belarusian office of the Kremlin-controlled news agency, is attacking the unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus and calling for a crackdown on Belsat TV.

In an interview with Sputnik, Belarusian-born political scientist Pyotr Pyatrouski compared the existence of Belsat TV to the activities of the Third Reich and blasted the Union of Poles in Belarus.

“Belsat managed to get together only a handful of Russophobes who use of the Belarusian language but promote anti-Belarusian ideas in the territory of Belarus,” said Pyatrouski. The guest of the programme mentioned Nazi governor of Belarus Wilhelm Kube who used to learn Belarusian.

Mr Pyatrouski works for IMHOClub website which is notorious for lambasting the West and praising the Russian World. Among others, the portal publishes articles articles denying Stalinist purges and repressions.

“We Belarusians should demand the elimination of the ulcer of our mediaspace,” he said referring to Belsat TV.

In his opinion, another problem in Polish-Belarusian relations is the independent Union of Poles which ‘focuses on Brussels’.

Commenting on the situation in Poland, he has also stated that the ideology of the ruling Law and Justice party is in conflict with ‘euroatlantic values’. In his view, ‘there is no pluralism of ideologies and values’ in the euroatlantic world.

“We wish our Polish friends to defend their values which are tightly linked with common-Slavonic values,” he added.

On December 18, Witold Wazczykowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, voiced the ministry’s plans of Belsat TV transition to a web mode and its journalists’ transfer to TVP Polonia.

There is an online petition to support “Belsat” on the Internet. To sign it, you need to follow the link.

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