Corruption fighter exposes pro-Putin party boss’ wealth, stands trial

On July 1, a Moscow court sentenced Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny to 10-day jail term for his participating in the rally in support of journalist Ivan Golunov.

“Ten days in custody for the rally against the arbitrary rule. It is no joy, but I still think that I did what was right at that moment. If we keep sitting tight in homes, there will be no end to that tyranny,” he said on Twitter.

Shortly before the trial, the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBC) led by Navalny published another investigation and claimed that Andrey Metelsky, Chairman of the United Russia party in Moscow, and his family are in possession of property worth $90 mln.

According to FBC, the Metelsky family bought four hotels in Austria and paid not less than €40 mln for them. The hotels were registered to his mother, Eldibita Metelskaya. The family’s companies are involved in constructing hotel facilities and apartment homes in the Russian capital.

In addition, its members own several upscale apartments in Moscow and two cottages near the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Road, the investigation reads.

Metelsky states that he has nothing to do with the real estate pieces exposed by Navalny’s team. His mother legally purchased them, the United Russia party told Echo of Moscow.

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