Belarusian regime keeps persecuting Homiel journalists


Since the beginning of the year, Belarusian court has set fines in the amount of Br 45 mln ($2,100) on journalist Kastus Zhukouski for illegal production and distribution of media products, but in fact – for contribution to foreign mass media without having accreditation (Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code).

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On February 4, judge Uladzimir Prakapenka tried Zhukouski’s case and imposed Br 8.4 mln fine on the freelance journalist. The grounds for the fine was the report “Russia stops Belarusian factories” aired by Belsat TV on December 16, 2015.

Two more administrative protocols were drawn up on Zhukouski by Vetka district police department, for two media reports – about poor economic conditions of local enterprises and about Nobel laureate Svyatlana Alexievich‘s school years in the village of Prysna, Vetka district. The dates of the hearings have not been announced yet .

Given the previous penalties this year, Kastus Zhukouski has to pay Br 45.15 mln, which is one third of the total sum of fines imposed on journalists in 2015.

Furthermore, Soviet district court of Homiel heard the case of independent journalist Larysa Shchyrakova. The grounds for the trial was a video report she made about bad dwelling conditions in house No 8 in Kasmichnaya Street in Homiel. Judge Alena Shayn closed the case owing to lack of evidence.

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