Belarus FM announces Lukashenka’s ‘full visit’ to EU

This year “a normal, full-fledged visit of Alyaksandr Lukashenka to the European Union” will take place, Foreign Minister of Belarus Uladzimir Makey said at “Minsk Dialogue” forum on October 7.

Участникам «Минского диалога» рассказали о политзаключенных и опасности БелАЭС

“I hope we will have a normal, full-fledged visit this year, including to the European Union,” said the Foreign Minister, reports.

According to him, this visit is not an end in itself but should give concrete results “in terms of economic, humanitarian and other cooperation”.

Из-за Лукашенко визовое соглашение между Беларусью и ЕС может задержаться

The minister did not reply to the question whether the signing of the visa facilitation agreement is expected during the visit but said that “everything in the world is interconnected”.

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