Authorities threaten parents who bring their children to protests

Deputy Prime Minister Ihar Pyatryshenka has said that all cases of children’s participation in illegal street rallies will receive a legal assessment, their parents will be held accountable. BelTA writes.

According to Pyatryshenka, the duty of parents, in accordance with the current legislation of Belarus and the Constitution, is to protect their children. Involvement of minors in unauthorized mass events is a deliberate act of knowingly endangering the children, he said.

“The desire to urge and stimulate careless parents to bring children to mass unauthorized events does not fit into any framework of the current international legal norms. This is unacceptable,” the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

He promised to give a legal assessment of the actions of each parent who involved children in unauthorized activities by the appropriate legal mechanisms within the commissions on juvenile affairs.

In addition, according to Ihar Pyatryshenka, the law enforcement practice of the current legislative norms aimed to protect the rights of minors must be improved in accordance with the challenges that Belarus is now facing.