protests in Belarus

Year passes since death of Minsk protester Raman Bandarenka. His murderers still at liberty
A year ago, the Minsk-based activist Raman Bandarenka who was savagely beaten allegedly by security forces or Lukashenka’s adherers passed away in hospital.
Belarus risks losing western weapon suppliers over embargo but hopes for Russian support
Three firms could export arms
To Go and Not Come back… Summary...
Who could imagine how the Belarusian authorities would react to people who were dissatisfied with the regime? Today everyone who does not agree with Lukashenka’s policy is put behind bars. The representatives of law enforcement were given permission to brutally handle people. There are already missing persons. In the first three parts of the documentary, we tried to familiarize the viewers with the victims, now we want to show the results of the investigations. Who will be responsible for the killings, how were investigations and court hearings conducted?
Zelensky said Belarusians should have their own way but Ukrainian result
He wished Belarusians all the best on their way to freedom
Incredible year of 2020. Photo editor’s pick
In our photo pick, one canl find 25 pictures in which some fateful moments of the Belarusian history are captured.
Minsk: Protester sentenced to 4 years in jail. 13 special forces officers are ‘injured party’
On Wednesday, Frunzenski district court passed a guilty verdict in the case of 53-year-old Minsk resident Mikalai Dzenisevich. The man took part in the Partisans’ March that took place in the Belarusian capital city on October, 18.
France’s leader proposes to invite Belarus' democratic forces to G7 summit – Tsikhanouskaya
French President Macron came up with the idea of Belarusian politicians’ appearing at the upcoming G7 summit, the office of Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya reported on Tuesday.
Colours of the Nation
The white-red-white flag like never before has become a national symbol in the defence of which people are ready to sacrifice themselves. September 2020 to February 2021 is a crucial time for Belarusians, when for the historic white-red-white national symbols one can now be punished not only with an unreasonably high fine but also with death.
Almost 250 people detained nationwide on March 27
Proponents of changes were planning to hold a large protest rally in Minsk on March 27.
Solidarity actions on the first Sunday of spring
Traditional actions of solidarity are held in Belarus on March 7 – the first Sunday of spring.
Tsikhanouskaya: Lukashenka's regime will fall this year
According to Tsikhanouskaya, Lukashenka’s resignation will inevitably be caused by increasing pressure on his regime by the U.S. and the EU.
Freedom March: Warsaw gallery to show works by Belarusian photojournos
End of week protests in Belarus
March in Sukharava, march in Baraulyany and Zyaliony Luh