Another videoblogger facing prosecution for insulting Lukashenka

The film of the 33-year-old Minsker Pavel Spiryn has drawn attention of the law enforcement agencies. The decision whether to initiate a criminal case will be made soon.

Pavel told about it in detail.

He told us that he had published his film “Stepfather” in early December, and he himself sent it to prosecutors, who liked it and wrote to Pavel about it.

“I thought that there would be 5-7 thousand views, well, 20 thousand at best. But on Youtube “only, the film was viewed 400 thousand times,” the video blogger said.

He thinks that such a popularity of the video may be due to the fact that it was reposted by the popular video blog NEXTA (Stsyapan Svyatlou). A week ago it became known that a representative of the Investigative Committee and another person in civilian clothes came to the Svyatlou’s apartment in Minsk with a search. Svyatlou is currently living in Poland. According to NEXTA, he is charged with “insulting the president.”

In turn, Pavel Spiryn was expected to appearin a Minsk police department on Monday morning, where it would be decided whether to initiate the case or not, the video blogger explained.

The policeman invited him to a meeting at the police department via the phone., a photo from the page of Pavel Spiryn on “Facebook”

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