Alyaksandr Fyaduta’s detention extended

Alyaksandr Fyaduta. Photo: Natalia Nazemtsava / Facebook

Journalist and political analyst Alyaksandr Fyaduta’s detention period was extended until October 12. At the same time, no investigative actions have been carried out with the prisoner for three months, reports the wife of political prisoner Maryna Shybko on Facebook.

Fyaduta has been behind bars for almost four months. He is kept in the KGB detention center. The political analyst is accused of a coup d’état.

“The detention has been extended until October 12, but he writes that he is going to celebrate there both his birthday and the New Year. So I sent him a TV set and already the main broadcast of the day, August 9, he saw it. There were no investigative actions for three months, they probably did not come up with a further scenario of the “movie”. His cellmates were changed, which made him sad, because they were decent and “handy” and he even had his pants cut, which were the ones for the “weekend” because he had lost weight. He tolerated the heat well, they extracted his tooth very successfully, but his gout is back and he is limping again but cannot have a stick,” writes Maryna Shybko.

Four detainees in the criminal case of conspiracy to seize power are now in the KGB jail: pushkinist Alyaksandr Fyaduta, lawyer Yury Ziankovich, BPF Chairman Ryhor Kastusiou, and Ziankovich’s employee Volha Halubovich. Among the defendants are also psychiatrist Dzmitry Shchyhelski, scientist Alyaksandr Perapechka, former riot policeman Pavel Kulazhenka, leader of Mahiliou regional organization of the BPF Party Vital Makaranka, and former fighter of “Almaz” special forces unit Ihar Makar. They are “taken into custody in absentia” because they are now in other countries. KGB investigators have sent requests for their extradition.

The participants of the talks, shown on Belarusian TV as “evidence of preparation of a coup,” state that they were not planning any violent action, but only discussing what “is discussed in the kitchens of every Belarusian family every night: how to speed up Lukashenka’s departure.

State television also mentioned 150 pickup trucks with large-caliber machine guns that were supposed to storm the palace and about the half-billion dollars from the Soros Foundation allocated for the coup in Belarus.

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