Belarus: The Supreme Court rejected the cassation appeal of a TVP journalist
The Supreme Court in Minsk yesterday reviewed the cassation appeal of Iryna Slavikava. Thus, the judge upheld the sentence to 5 years in prison.
Journalist Iryna Slaunikava to face trial on June 23
The trial is to start at 10 am in the Homiel Regional Court.
Journalist Iryna Slaunikava to stand trial in Homiel
The date of the trial has not been set yet
Court dismisses complaint of Ales Byaliatski about his detention
Byaliatski has been behind bars for almost seven months.
Political prisoner on trial for regime violations in prison
The young man faces a new sentence of up to two years in prison
Pruzhany: Man gets 10 days in jail for calling police and saying 'Long Live Belarus'
On January 12, Pruzhany district court arrested a local resident who called the police and said ‘Long Live Belarus’, Mediazona reports with reference to the court ruling which appeared in the Bank of Judgments.
Maladzechna: Human rights activist Ales Kaputski not released after 30 days of arrest
It is still unknown on what grounds Ales Kaputski remains behind bars, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
Separate criminal case for Vyachorka, Matolka, Putsila, Pratasevich
Criminal cases against Franak Vyachorka have emerged for the first time.
Poice detain villager who wrote letter to local newspaper about new Constitution
He may face criminal prosecution
Brest school principal fired for posting real results of 2020 election
Shkulepa has confirmed her dismissal to the Novy Chas newspaper.
Minsker to be tried for publishing personal data of over 600 prosecutors, officials
A Minsk resident passed personal information of 660 employees of the prosecutor’s office and the State Control Committee to opposition Telegram channels, the press service of the prosecutor’s office reports. The case has already been sent to court.
Minsk: 65-year-old political prisoner released after serving 60 days for unknown reason
Minsk-based engineer Anatol Shalkovich has been released from the detention centre after spending the total of 60 days there.