Belarus to send pro-Lukashenka band to Eurovision 2021

The band Halasy ZMesta (Voices from Town) which is to represent Belarus at Eurovision-2021. Photo: ATN_BTRC/TG.

Belteleradiocompany has announced the results of the competition for this year’s Eurovision participant from Belarus. The band Halasy ZMesta from Baranavichy was chosen as the winner.

The YouTube channel of the band (with about 16 thousand subscribers) is decorated with the red and green colors of the national flag. Last year, Halasy ZMesta became famous after the songs, which made fun of the Belarusian protesters and opposition politicians.

In 2020, the band VAL was chosen as a contestant from Belarus. But the state TV terminated the contract with the duo because of the musicians’ active civic position and their participation in protests.

“We could not remain indifferent to the violence and injustice in Belarus. We have made our choice. And BT has made its choice. We will always be with our listeners!” VAL soloist Valeryia Hrybusava said.

Whether BT will broadcast Eurovision is still unknown, as the Belarusians are calling for the channel to be excluded from the European Broadcasting Union.

This year’s contest will be held in Rotterdam.