Street object d'art reminiscent of Lukashenka appears in St. Petersburg
Art object made in the form of a bas-relief of Medusa Gorgon
Belarusians stage exhibition at Lithuania-Belarus border
On June 14, the exhibition named At The Border was opened in the Lithuanian town of Medininkai which is just a few kilometres off the territory of Belarus.
Belsat journalist Mazheika and artist Pushkin criminally prosecuted
‘Not eligible’: Pro-Lukashenka band’s song barred from competing at Eurovision 2021
On Thursday afternoon. the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has released a statement regarding Belarus’ Eurovision Song Contest entry.
Belarus to send pro-Lukashenka band to Eurovision 2021
Their songs mock the protests.
‘This country is worthy of it!’ Polish authors create comics about Belarusian avenger has asked the authors of Trumian Show and The Wreath about the thriller going on in the country which they are getting to know on the Internet.
Cure for corona? Female artist depicts Lukashenka and vodka with help of own breasts
‘Longing for change’: Duet performs Shallow in Belarusian
Musicians Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich and Hanna Sharkunova have recorded a Belarusian-language cover of Shallow, the lead single from the soundtrack of the musical A Star Is Born.