As many as 246 people were detained in Belarus in June

The Human Rights Center “Vyasna” notes that in June, the human rights situation in the country continued to deteriorate significantly.

In their report on June, human rights defenders write that police continued detaining participants of peaceful protests and regular citizens for using white-red-white symbols, including in private housing and territories.

According to Vyasna, courts imposed at least 25 fines for a total of 2,450 basic units (more than 71,000 BYN) and 94 administrative arrests for a total of 1,477 days. There are reports of 246 people being detained.

“Numerous facts of cruel treatment of citizens detained and subjected to administrative arrest for participation in peaceful assemblies are a cause for concern. The inhuman detention conditions deliberately created by the administration of TDFs for this category of detainees are regarded by experts of the Human Rights Center “Vyasna” as torture,” stresses the report.

“Vyasna” states that in June, the authorities continued to persecute journalists and human rights defenders, as well as lawyers. “The revocation of the license and expulsion of the most active, conscientious, and principled lawyers from the bar gives a clear signal to the rest about the possible consequences of the free exercise of the legal profession,” the document says.