Political convictions in Belarus in 2021
At least 1,285 people were convicted while 41.8% were imprisoned
‘Picketing’: Minsker gets hefty fine over having candle in window
On 12 November 2021, the Minsk police spotted a candle in a local resident’s window, which resulted in his appearing before court on December 10. In early January, the man received a court ruling and shared the information with
Convicted student Artsyom Bayarski’s health worsens behind bars. Prison doctor turns blind eye
Political prisoner Artsyom Bayarski’s health has deteriorated: he has a persistent bad cough, and a skin rash occurred.
Radio Liberty journalist Hruzdzilovich detained
Radio Liberty in Belarus has been labeled an “extremist formation”
Minsk blogger, mother of two Volha Takarchuk gets 1.5 years in jail
On December 20, Zavodski district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of Minsk-based blogger Volha Takarchuk, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
18 months behind bars: Jailed presidential wannabe Viktar Babaryka’s son Eduard facing two criminal charges
According to preliminary information, political prisoner Eduard Babaryka is facing two more charges, Telegram channel ViktarBabarykaOfficial reports.
Pavel Belavus punished with arrest for third time in a row
He has been behind bars for over a month
Brother of Vitold Ashurak leaves Belarus over threat of criminal proceedings
“They will prosecute everyone who was there, and those who were witnesses have become suspects.”
Art director Papa Bo, scenographer Maksim Kruk get 3 years of restriction of liberty
Leninski district court of Minsk passed guilty verdicts in the case of art director Alyaksandr Bahdanau aka Papa Bo and scenographer Maksim Kruk, Telegram channel BY_culture reports.
Reserve officer sentenced to 3 years of restriction of liberty. He asked uniformed services to stop violence against protesters
On December 14, Maskouski district court of Minsk competed hearing of the case of Syarhei Shpak, a retired leutenant colonel and political prisoner.
Political prisoner with disability gets 3 years of imprisonment
On December 14, Dzyarzhynsk district court passed a guilty verdict in the case of 40-year-old political prisoner Andrey Runtso, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
University teacher working at BSU journalism faculty sentenced to administrative arrest
Kseniya Martul, a lecturer at Journalism Department of the Belarusian State University, has been sentenced to 15 days in jail, Mediazona reports with reference to her husband.
Minsk: Elderly engineer gets 15-day jail term for third time in row. He is behind viral memes about protest colours
Minsk-based engineer Anatol Shalkovich is likely to spend the total of 45 days behind bars.