Yarmoshyna above the law?

General Prosecutor’s Office, which is to enforce the laws in the country, says it cannot in any way affect the activity of the Central Election Commission.

Coordinator of the Movement “For Freedom” in Brest Dzyanis Turchanyak has appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus with a demand to bring to administrative responsibility the Chair of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna. Earlier activist appealed to the CEC with a complaint but received no reply. Turchanyak believes it violates the requirements of the Law “On citizens and legal entities.”

The activist wrote a letter to the General Prosecutor’s Office, but was told that the prosecutor’s office is not authorized to supervise the activities of the Central Election Commission.

“In the country there is a caste of those who are not punished for the crime. Absence of response to my complaint is an offense. The country has declared that all are equal before the law, but despite this, the Prosecutor General’s Office refuses to arrange an investigation on my application, let alone draw Yarmoshyna to justice. Instead, the General Prosecutor’s Office sent my application to Yarmoshyna. Probably it was done for her to punish herself,” said Dzyanis Turchanyak in an interview with Belsat.

Ales Liauchuk, belsat.eu

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