Welcome to Belarus. Draniks and Kupalinka: Ecuadorian finds love in Hrodna

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Juan Carlos Rosales Valdes came to Belarus from Ecuador to get economic education at Hrodna Agrarian University. Carlos plays football well, but he decided to stay in Belarus for some other reason…

In Episode 3, you will see Juan Carlos taking part in the festival of national cultures, an event focused on diasporas living in Belarus. The main surprise of the festival was ‘ethnic’ areas where foreigners promoted their cultures and cuisines. At the festival, artisans and buskers had a great opportunity to see and be seen.

Carlos is fond of music; sometimes he makes extra money by singing Latin American hits in the streets of Belarusian cities.

Not only lifework has the man found in Belarus. We took a short break from the hectic atmosphere of the festival and know more about the love story of the guy from Ecuador and a Belarusian girl. And of course, it is his dearest mother-in-law who is the best shashlyk-maker!

Carlos has not been to Ecuador for more than seven years. Is he homesick? The answer is in the new episode of Welcome To Belarus show.

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