Speedy recovery: Luhansk separatist leader back to work after attempt on life

Igor Plotnitsky, the leader of the so-called Luhansk republic, has been back to work after unidentified individuals attempted to blow him up some days ago.

“I have given all the orders necessary for the daily life and the protection of the republic. We work in our normal course, I regularly hold and meetings and briefings,” separatists’ news website quotes Plotnitsky.

According to him, the murder bid was a ‘manifestation of envy’.

“The attempt on my life means one thing: the enemies of Donbas do not like the course that we have chosen and that we are consistently following. This is not only a manifestation of impotent rage, but envy as well,” he added.

Plotnitsky’s car was blown up on August 6 in Luhansk. He was reported to be seriously injured: doctors diagnosed shrapnel wounds, including those of liver and spleen.

Igor Plotnitsky has been at the head of the unrecognized republic since August, 2014. Ukraine accused him and Russian citizen Alexander Popov of kidnapping Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko.

As reported earlier, Ukrainian journalist of the Belarusian origin Pavel Sharamet was killed on July, 20. The car he was driving exploded in the center of Kyiv. Law enforcers said that the bomb was detonated by a radio-controlled device. The investigation of the murder is conducted by Ukrainian investigators and FBI experts.


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