UK Ambassador enjoys Belarusian village festival

An unusual village event lasted a whole night in the blooming May garden. Lovers of folk culture from neighboring settlements and from more distant places gathered in the Zastsenak Skrypleva near Valozhyn to have fun, sing and dance in the open air.

The “Villagers” program host Viktar Shukelovich was dancing and listened to songs and ditties, he also spoke with many participants of the festival.

Residents of the Dubiny village told him that in the past dancing parties were much more active and for the dust to settle they used to pour water on the floor. Before the party began, an ax was put into the wall and the guests danced until the ax fell out. One of the women admitted that although she was already quite old, such holidays brought her back to her youth.

Viktar also met there the UK Ambassador to Belarus Fiona Gibb. They danced together, and Viktar asked her about the impressions. They also spoke about the similarities and differences between Belarusian and British villages.

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