Die hard: Belarus municipal employees mow grass under snow (video)

Youtube user Alyaksandr Bayaryn posted a video that shows municipal employees mowing… snow in the Belarusian town of Lahoysk.

Viewers can clearly see that several men are trying to make hay of snow-covered grass. They were mowing for two hours, the resident of Lahoysk told onliner.by. But finally a heavy fall of snow made them stop and leave.

“Last year they [workers] were spreading asphalt in the rain. I have witnessed a lot of things in my life, but mowing grass under the snow is completely out of the ordinary,” the author of the video says.

When asked for the comment, a local municipal economy official said: “Now it is autumn, not winter, and snow cannot be an obstacle to putting the town in order.”

According to him, the situation is not uncommon as snow is safe for their equipment.

belsat.eu, following onliner.by

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