Small girl injured in Hrodna protests

Ina Charaukha’s family was driving to Hrodna on the evening of August 11 from one end of the city to the other. Suddenly their car was hit by military vehicle. The mother and daughter were taken to hospital.

On August 11th, about 11pm, Inna Charaukha was driving to Hrodna together with her 5-year-old daughter and husband. At that time protests were taking place in the city. She says that she was very confused when she saw the military vehicles.

“Her husband went to the opposite lane to get around it. However, the riot policemen ran towards us, started beating the car with batons — windshield and side glass, mirrors. After that, military vehicle hit us from behind, and there was a strong push,” says the woman.

The injured girl from Hrodna. Photo:

The woman does not really remember what happened next. She remembers turning around and seeing her daughter in blood.

“Husband wanted to take us straight to the hospital, it was very close, but people ran up and offered us a ride. The daughter was crying — she was very scared. Her husband’s forehead was cut open. He was stopped by the police and taken away for trial, only to be released in the morning. Now the investigator called, called him up again,” Ina describes the events.

As Belsat has learned, the girl is in a moderate severe condition, she has a closed brain injury. However, after getting medical care, she was moderately active, could eat herself, lying in a regular ward in the hospital. She had several stitches and was released on receipt.

“The daughter is being treated, she needs bed rest. I feel fine — alive and well, thank God. We’re still in shock, it’s important to come to our senses. The daughter is very scared,” she told Belsat.

Ina stresses that they did not participate in the protests and did not honk — they do not even have a working car signal.

Now they’ll probably get a fine for the fact that the girl’s father went to the opposite lane.

Since August 9, protests against the results of the presidential election have been held all over Belarus. Despite the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, law enforcers have been actively using weapons. According to the Interior Ministry, more than 3 thousand people have been detained across the country.

инимали участие в протестах и не сигналили – у них даже не работает сигнал.

Теперь вероятно они получат штраф за то, что отец девочки выехал на встречную полосу.

С 9 августа по всей Беларуси проходят протесты несогласных с результатами президентских выборов. Несмотря на мирный характер демонстраций, силовики активно применяют оружие. По данным МВД по стране задержано более 3 тысяч человек.