Russians more tight with money – survey

Now it is the price that counts when Russians do shopping.

Over the previous year the residents of Russia set limits for themselves and bought cheaper goods, a survey conducted by public opinion research center WCIOM says.

In December 2015, the number of respondents who had been buying cheaper items within the last six month, reached 34 %. In January 2015, only 22 % of interviewees did so. At the same time, the number of those who did not have to nickel-and-dime has hardly changed. In December 2015, it amounted to 38 % though in January it was 37%.

In addition, the survey indicated that the number of Russians who started to do shopping less frequently, who refrain from buying these or other things and hardly afford going out has increased to 35% (21% – in January, 2015).

35% of respondents say they still do themselves well. wg

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