Police send protocol for participation in mass rally to deceased man

The relatives received a copy of the protocol for participation in an unauthorized event addressed to Alyaksandr Melnikau, who died 7 years ago, tut.by reports. “Mom read the protocol, she was very upset,” added Anton Melnikau, the son of the deceased.

The picture is for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Alisa Hanchar / Belsat

The protocol says that the citizen “took an active part” in the rally. The year of birth, however, did not match: Melnikau Alyaksandr Yefimavich, in accordance with the protocol, was born in 1978. Alyaksandr Melnikau, whose relatives received a message, was born in 1945.

The family did not contact the Pershamaisky district police department of Minsk.

“We have no desire to communicate with the police, there is only a desire to find a strong medium and thank my father for his civil position. If he were alive, for sure two witnesses would cheerfully claim that they saw him exactly, in that place and at that time. Father was lucky with the alibi,” his son Anton Melnikau jokes.

The police told tut.by that there had been a technical error, that there were several people with the same name, surname and patronymic. The police have apologized.