Officials take 3-month-old baby from mother

Alesya Faminykh with mother. Photo –

Three months ago, the 34-year-old resident of Loyeu Alesya Faminyh gave birth to a son. His name is Maksim. The boy did not spend a single day in his parents’ house – he was with his mother in the hospital because of heart disease and low hemoglobin. Later, officials from the Loyeu District Executive Committee took him to the Homiel children’s home.

“I was allowed to hug and kiss him. They said that my husband drinks, there are no proper conditions in my house to raise a son. I say: what does my husband have to do with it? We are not even married officially,” Alesya says.

According to the woman, the basis for taking away the child was a defective gas stove, absence of water in a private house, no firewood prepared for the winter, an uncleaned courtyard and an alcoholic cohabitant.

“Maksim’s father did drink, but now he’s got a job. We have already made repairs in the house: put the wallpaper, painted the floor, put a new gas stove. We have a crib and a stroller for Maksim. And we do not have money to lay water,” Maksim’s mother says.

Now the woman is in the hospital where she had an operation to remove appendicitis.

“Maksim was taken away right after the operation. Everything happened before my eyes,” Alesya says.

Before maternity leave, Alesya Faminykh worked as a cleaner in the local Raipo and earned there 200 BYN. The boy’s father is a registered alcoholic. According to Halina, Alesya’s mother, he earns 250 BYN.

According to Halina, officials demand that her daughter immediately find a job to pay for keeping Maksim in the orphanage.

“The state will withhold 70% of Maksim’s father earnings for these expenses. The same will be with Alesya. But now they do not have a penny,” said the woman.

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