Notorious Russian nationalist calls to invade Belarus, Kazakhstan

In the article “What We Stand for, What We Want, What Is To Happen And What Is Not” Yegor Prosvirnin, editor-in-chief of the nationalist news portal ‘Sputnik i Pogrom’ [Sputnik and Riot] says that Russia should seize or even destroy neighboring Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

“Our aim is to build a democratic European legal Russian nation-state as the only form of collective life contributing to keeping the Russians among the First world nations”, he writes. “The ongoing crisis in the European Union and other supranational organisations shows that the time of nation-states has not passed yet, and the situation with the U.S. sanctions when all transnational corporations suddenly remembered their nationality clearly showed that not only the Russian people should have the national focus but the Russian business as well.”

The return of Novorossiya {New Russia], Malorossiya [Ukraine], Byelorussia [Belarus] and South Siberia (the so-called “Northern Kazakhstan”), which is still home to tens of millions of Russian people, is part of building of a Russian nation-state”, Yegor Prosvirnin declares.

“The so-called “Ukraine”, “Belarus” and “Kazakhstan” (artificial state formations created by the Bolsheviks) are alien nation-states implementing alien national projects, and sooner or later Russians who still live there will get assimilated”, he stresses.

Taking into account the undeclared war in Ukraine, these calls to invade Belarus do not seem strange or fantastic. Gleb Pavlovsky, a Russian political analyst, who worked the Kremlin project, has suggested that Belarus will share the fate of Ukraine and that the Kremlin will try to overthrow Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

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